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BLP New and Updated Listings

Getting Media Exposure

Don’t waste your time and money trying get interviews on a show, or in a magazine or newspaper section where your book or work doesn’t fit.

To capture media coverage most effectively, you must first understand that newspapers, magazines, radio programs, and television news are all driven by common needs to attract advertisers and subscribers.

Newspaper and magazine editors look for stories that inform, educate, or entertain their viewers and subscribers. They have a need to fill time and space, to stand out, to be special, to be first, as well as provide information of interest and value to their readers, viewers, and listeners.

If you are seeking publicity for your book or work, e-mail, phone, fax, or postal mail your news/press release, press kit, sales letter, and your book to the appropriate media contacts.

If there is an interest or your material is accepted you may be requested to send additional materials which could include sample chapters, your bio, a marketing plan, and or articles previously written by or about you or your work.

Follow up in about a week by phone if you don’t hear back after submitting your promotional material. Follow up by email or postal mail. Leave a voice message or have that person paged, and be ready to tell them why yours would be a good story and fit for their audience and they will interview you.

[FINALLY] A Proven Step-By-Step Sales and Marketing System for Black Authors and Writers‏

The purpose of  the Black Authors & Published Writers Directory: Black Black Literary Marketplace is to save you from long hours of literary research in your marketing and publishing efforts. All the resources for identifying and reaching the Black Literary Marketplace you are likely to ever need are listed here!

New and Updated Listing (s)

Raw and Unedited listings for inclusion in the next edition 2018 Black Authors & Published Writers Directory: Black Literary Market Place [11th Edition] Industry Reference ISBN-13: 978-1877807-13-3.Publication Date: December 25, 2017. http://www.bapwd.com

Karen Minard  Minard1111@sbcglobal.net  (313) 821-1237  8200 E Jefferson Ave Detroit, MI 48214  Screenwriter, published poet and essayist, award-winning stage playwright, various other short works. Writer.  http://IMDB

Lady Esquire Group, LLC (LEG)  info@writeleg.com  888-988-4249  401 Hawthorne Lane Suite 110-154 Charlotte, NC 28204  Lady Esquire Group, LLC (LEG) is a full service literary boutique and management firm. We are here to help authors achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential by offering an array of literary and media services. LEG’s aim is to combine excellent service and expertise in publicity, marketing, publishing, and literary representation. Our mission is to deliver quality books that appeal to a widespread audience. Publisher  http://www.writeleg.com

Mike Warren  becool031@gmail.com  (443) 651-3661  1 Lemon Grove Court Baltimore, MD 21212  Urban Gay Fiction  Author

Toure Muhammad  toure@beansouptimes.com  (773) 531.8798  PO Box 2176, Chicago, IL 60690  I’m a writer and digital strategist with roughly 20 years experience in media, marketing and publicity.  author  http://www.beansouptimes.com

David Bass Dancy   Freelance Journalist/local media writer, David has been a freelancer for more than ten years. I have interviewed a-list talent like Cedric The Entertainer, Oscar winning actress Monique, Queen Latifah, Juelz Santana and many more. I write with an investigative flair tackling tough subjects like Police Brutality and the history of contemporary race relations in America. I currently reside in Upstate New York for over 10 years. Utica, New York area. Publishes a blog ‘Dancy’s Corner’. Reviews books, and events.  Contact Mr. David Dancy, 2226 Pinnacle Drive, Utica, New York 13501 Phone: (315)723-5020  E-mail:  dancyscorner@gmail.com  Website:www.dancyscorner.com

Roland S. Martin  Nationally award winning journalist and syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, the founding editor of BlackAmericaweb.com and formercurrently the executive editor of The Chicago Defender, is a frequent commentator on TV-One, CNN, MSNBC, and Black Entertainment Television (BET).  He is also author of the book, Speak, Brother! A Black Man’s View of America. Contact Roland S. Martin, NuVision Media, Inc., 1327 West Washington Boulevard #102B, Chicago, Illinois 60607   Phone: (312) 543-6000  E-mail: roland@rolandsmartin.com Website:www.rolandsmartin.com

Free Listing Submission Form https://www.bapwd.com/freelistings

[2017] Black Authors & Published Writers Directory: Black Literary Market Place [10th Edition] Industry Reference  Publication Date: February 24, 2017  Publisher: Grace Publishing Company  Editor Grace Adams ISBN-13: 978-1877807-11-4  Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 0.8 inches  Photo-Illustrated Language: English


FINALLY! A Proven Sales & Marketing System for Black Authors and Writers


The New 2017 Edition “Black Authors & Published Writers Directory”  — A “Must Have” for Your Organization

The newly revised 2017 Edition of the highly acclaimed “Black Authors & Published Writers Directory” is ready for distribution. Publication date: February 24, 2017.

The “Black Authors & Published Writers Directory” features profiles of writers, authors, agents, songwriters, poets, film producers, reporters, booksellers and companies with services and descriptions.

It makes an excellent resource for libraries, churches, and organizations by including services, literary suppliers and speakers provided by the individuals and firms listed.  The updated index has contact information, addresses, and  telephone

number as well as email and website addresses.

Information about acquiring the Directory is available by visiting the ‘Black Authors & Published Writers Directory’ website at http://www.bapwd.com/home

The BAPWD and What it Has to Offer You

From writers, to artists, to creators of all kinds, the Black Authors & Published Writers Directory (BAPWD)is the leading resource on African-American creativity, and it has a lot to offer those who read it. By including this fantastic resource on your bookshelf, you too can enjoy the vast array of information it provides regarding the world of African creativity. By owning this resource, you can educate yourselves and others about the importance of black community leaders, and use it to inspire not only yourself, but your children as well. This powerful new reference tool is invaluable to those looking to network with other black creators in the community, providing the reader with everything they need to know about leading black innovators. Compiled by editor and publisher Grace Adams, and newly updated to encompass the year 2015, the work is one the most highly-regarded resources for those looking to immerse themselves in the creative achievements of the African-American community.

From what you know about the directory, you may be wondering if you could resort to the internet to learn more about your favorite creative leaders, and although that may be true, a simple internet search will not deliver the same educational experience that you will get from using the BAPWD, as this reference aims heavily to help readers not only learn more about their community’s leaders, but to assist them with in-depth networking to help establish themselves as creative leaders as well. Every library should have a copy of this reference tool on their shelves, as it delivers valuable knowledge to those who need it most, and it’s imperative that libraries do their part to share this important resource.

An investment in the BAPWD is an investment in yourself and your future achievements, as the resource’s entire purpose is to help its readers attain their goals through networking with others who have already achieved very similar aims. By purchasing the BAPWD, you are taking the time to show your appreciation for leading black creative minds, while you are also taking steps to seeing your own name in the directory in a future addition. Using this resource, you can help yourself to a better future in the world of African-American creativity that you ever imagined, and the BAPWD will continue to work to pay that sentiment forward.

It’s time that you do yourself a favor and invest in your own dreams; by working with the BAPWD and the successful individuals in it, you too can become a history-making creative leader in the African-American community. Take the time to use and understand this resource and the opportunities it holds for you, and use its information to make the best of yourself while honoring other creative leaders who have faced a glass ceiling of their own, and use their knowledge to break that ceiling yourself.

The Doorway to the World of African American Creativity

In today’s day in age, there is an apparent media blackout of the accomplishments coming from the African-American community; from writers, to artists, to songwriters, and many more, successful African-Americans everywhere are facing a glass ceiling of their own, often being misrepresented in the eyes of the public, and more often, not represented at all. Think back to the last time you watched the television: It’s very likely that the amount of coverage about white accomplishments far outweighs the amount of time spent discussing the success of African-Americans, and this sort of disregard does not do any justice to the creativity found in the black community. This treatment of African-American creativity may not seem like a problem to those who are not a part of the culture behind it, however being misrepresented sends the young black thinkers around the world a bad message. How are the young African-Americans in the United States supposed to believe they can do anything they dream of when their would-be role models are not given any credit for their work?

It’s important for everyone to appreciate the successes of their culture, and find a way to network within their own communities, and with today’s media, that can prove to be more difficult than it should be. However, with the Black Authors & Publish Writers Directory (BAPWD), compiled by editor and publisher Grace Adams, learning more about the successes of the African-American community is easier than ever. This work is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn about the creative achievements of African-Americans in the fields of literature and art. Described as “the doorway to the extraordinary world of African creativity,” this work does a phenomenal job of closing the gap between mainstream media and black media. The BAPWD discusses the creative successes of many creative leaders within the black community; from authors, to artists, to librarians, to designers, and many more, this work presents a plethora of information to anyone looking to learn more about the world of African-American creativity. The BAPWD is updated yearly, with the 2015 edition containing an updated array of extraordinary information regarding the limitless successes of the Black community, as well as networking information to help up-and-coming creative minds reach their full-potential.

Black Authors & Published Writers Directory now accepting listings for its October, 2016 publication.

Are you a Black author, published writer, song, film, or playwrights, or other Black influence in the media? Be sure you are included in the upcoming publication of the October, 2016 Black Authors and Published Writers Directory at http://www.bapwd.com. Contact The Grace Company at graccointern@msn.com or call (248) 651-7758

DEC 2012 Black Literary Players

DEC 2012 Black Literary Players.

Just Published! Newly revised 2013 Black Authors & Published Writers Directory: The Most Authoritative, Comprehensive And Up-To Date Resource Available About The Black Publishing Industry

The newly revised 7th Edition 2013 Black Authors & Published Writers Directory is available for distribution. Publication Date: October 28, 2012, The Most Authoritative, Comprehensive And Up-To Date Resource Available About The Black Literary Marketplace. Your Career as a Published Writers Begins Here http://www.bapwd.com

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