Black Literary Marketplace Expo & Exhibits Author Signings



The First Annual Black Literary Marketplace Expo

April 19, 20 and 21, 2011

Author Signings

Jacqueline Lewis-Kemp, author of Blessed Assurance: Success Despite the Odds will be author signing at The First Black Literary Marketplace Expo in April.  In ‘Blessed’ she tells the story of her unlikely life highlighting three main themes—living with diabetes, running a company and raising a family successfully while diabetic and Gods grace, healing ability and faithfulness through adversity. Jacquie lived with Type 1 diabetes and was insulin dependent for 33 years. She was diagnosed with the chronic disease at age 7.  Her story chronicles the history of diabetes maintenance and what it was like growing up in the 1970s with diabetes, working for her father right after college, and her fathers passing leaving her with the responsibility of running the company. Through her book, Jacquie educates others how to incorporate the tedious regimen of chronic illness into a busy life rather than limit life because of chronic illness. The book is about faith, the balance of work, health and family as well as transplant and organ donation.  Jacquie now volunteers and speaks for Gift of Life, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, is chair of the “Choose to Live” program at the American Diabetes Association and does fundraising for the University of Michigan Transplant Center. Jacquie is also one of the 42 authors of ‘Victorious Living for Women’. This inspirational book is a collection of stories told by women from across the country about living victoriously.  Jacquie’s chapter is entitled, “We Can’t Always Predict How God Will Bless Us”.

Author Joyce Burnett will be author signing her best seller book ‘Adam’s Belle: A Memoir of Love’ at the First Annual Black Literary Marketplace Expo in April, 2011.  As a native of Los Angeles, California, Joyce Burnett has always been interested in music, entertainment and fitness. She knew little, however, about the dynamic sounds and lifestyle of the Harlem Renaissance until she ran head on into Isabel Washington Powell, the glamorous showgirl from the 1920’s who married the late Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. From the moment they met, Joyce was enthralled by the vivid pictures Belle painted of her life. ‘Adam’s Belle’ is the incredible autobiography of the late Isabel Washington Powell from her early years as a young drama queen with her big sister, Fredi Washington, in early 1900’s Savannah, Georgia; her young adult years as a Cotton Club dancer in Harlem during the 1920’s; her marriage to Adam Clayton Powell in the 1930’s; her divorce following his election to Congress in 1945; and her life after Adam. This story is a powerful journey from love to forgiveness and back. It was also the love and support of her family and especially her sister, Fredi Washington (star of the 1929 film ‘Black and Tan Fantasy’ and the Academy Award nominated 1934 film ‘Imitation of Life’) that enabled her to survive. Belle’s life was truly fantastic. It was the best story that had never been told. Author Joyce Burnett began this project shortly after publishing an article on her experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. She worked closely with Belle for almost ten years to record this incredible story. Belle was very pleased with the early draft of Adam’s Belle, but sadly, she passed away before her story was published. Joyce holds degrees from Wesleyan University, Johns Hopkins, and American University. She remains an avid fitness enthusiast.



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