Black Literary Marketplace Expo Author Signings



The First Annual Black Literary Marketplace Expo

April 19, 20 and 21, 2011

Author Signings

Author Sandra Whittington-Hall will be author signing her debut book ‘Getting & Keeping the Attention of the Academically Challenged with Lots O’ Pegs’, a read no one should miss at the First Annual Black Literary Marketplace Expo in April, 2011. ‘Getting & Keeping the Attention of the Academically Challenged with Lots O’ Pegs’ is an informative and constructive guidebook for special education and traditional teachers alike.  It addresses both the behavioral and academic challenges teachers may face from their students. Distilling her two decades of experience and offering refreshing intuitive solutions to difficult – and often personal – problems, Whittington-Hall has penned a go-to reference book for any educator. “This book was written to share the effectiveness of a system and how it was used to eliminate unwanted behaviors, improve work habits, increase learning, and improve test scores,” she says. “The uniqueness of the system allows students to take ownership for their behavior, work habits, and learning. With all the problems teachers face today, having the ability to be flexible, with good classroom management is a priority. Each day comes with its own bag of surprises and our ability to handle whatever pops out of the bag is the yardstick by which we measure our success or failure. This book offers a way to help with this most challenging task. Ms. Hall has been a special education teacher for 32 years in the Roane County Schools System. She completed her undergraduate studies from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree from the American College of Education in Chicago. She was born and raised in Knoxville, Tenn. where she attended the Knoxville City Schools System. She currently resides in Knoxville with her husband Jack.

Ms. Anna Christian will be author signing and exhibiting at the First Annual Black Literary Marketplace Expo in April, 2011. Ms. Christen is an educator, author, and freelance writer. Her latest novel is ‘Daniel’s Wife’. It is the story of Jessica Weaver, a woman whose husband abandons her after years of marriage. She must rebuild her life and recover her self worth. Along the way she discovers values that help her in her struggle to become whole. More than a story of a woman abandoned, it is also a story of love, friendship, and courage. Christian has written four adult novels, too many short stories to count, several works for children including ‘Mrs. Griffin is Missing and Other Stories’, ‘Bobby and Sonny Mystery,’ two one-act plays, and ‘The Big Table’, a picture book for children. ‘The Big Table’ was first a children’s play which was produced at Frances Williams Corner Theater. Ms. Christian is a member of the Riverside Renaissance Writers and the California Writers Collective. In addition, she is an avid soul line dancer and is presently a Soul Line Dance instructor with Harriette Stuckey’s Heart and Soul Line Dance. E-mail:


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