WASHTENAW COMMUNITY COLLEGE SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND THE PERFORMING ARTS Sound Advice Workshop Series © Copyright & Intellectual Property Conference In Affiliation with the Detroit Entertainment Commission

Sound Advice Workshop Series
Midwest’s First
Copyright & Intellectual Property
In Affiliation with the Detroit Entertainment Commission

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
1:00 – 3:30 PM
Morris J. Lawrence Building
Room #150

Motown Writers / Singers / Artists Learn How To:
• Reclaim Copyright Income Transferred Earlier by Termination of Rights
• Claim Income Under Digital Download Copyright Act
• Prepare Copyrights and File Properly
• Prepare Basic Trademarks
• Protect Name, Image, & Likeness: Rights of Publicity
• Protect Your Rights: Theft & Joint Authorship
• Create Intellectual Property Wealth, Independent Co. (Motown, Jive, Google)

Basic How To’s for Protecting Your Creative, Intellectual, and Digital Property:

• Artists, Musicians, Songwriters, Authors
• Record Labels, Publishers
• Screenwriters, Film Producers, Playwrights
• Professors, Institutions, Museums
• Software Developers
• Internet Issues: Images & Print
• Fair Use: When Can You Use Materials
• Licensing, Website Content, Technology
• Branding

Free Admission Limited Seating Available Handouts available RSVP before Feb. 21, 2011

Presenters: Author Gregory J. Reed, Esq.
Gregory J. Reed & Associates, PC
International Lecturer, Attorney, Chair of Detroit Entertainment Commission


Jeffrey P. Thennisch, Esq.
Dobrusin & Thennisch, PC
Patent Specialist

Moderator: John E. Lawrence
Director of the Music Performance Program

Relevant for artists, students, professors, professionals, faculty, users of copyright, and protected digital media, as well as those who simply want to learn about copyright and digital media in general. Seminar discussion on learning how to tackle common copyright issues using a “framework” approach and applying the Presenters’ case study experiences (Rosa Parks v. OutKast; The Temptations; Mariah Carey; P. Diddy; Jive Records; Motown Records; Mary J. Blige; Guess; Nelson Mandela; Malcolm X; Alex Haley; President Obama; etc.).

Contact: John E. Lawrence for more information: (734) 677-5146 or Grace Adams at graccointern@msn.com


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