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CROSSOVER: An American Bio

“In a world of noise, in a world where the treble clef is disappearing, in Carman Moore, music still has a friend. This biography traces the musician’s journey from apprenticeship to his becoming one of the world’s leading composers- a composer whose range is phenomenal.” Ishmael Reed

Carman Moore whom Jazz Legend and 2006 Pulitzer Prize Award Winner Ornette Coleman calls “The best composer in the world,” recounts his crossover-filled life from youth to friendships and meetings with such world figures as John Lennon, W. H. Auden, Louis Armstrong and Robert Redford. This great American bio is filled with Carman’s anecdotes and wisdom gained from his rich associations. …A great read; short and intriguing! Get Your Copy Today.

CROSSOVER is my Bio— the Bio of an Agent of Change. It has been inspired by family members, friends, and admired ones who have broken away from the conventionally obvious. I get to crossover into the world of popular art once again…the recording studios…the rhythm section and the stringent vocalizing…the sound effects and the final mixing. These all appeal to me at the moment. A rock album. I’m not trained for it: therefore I Am. And this CROSSOVER book? It is a “Who-Am-I?” Bio of exploration, written by someone who is terminally curious.

From the beginning my credo has been “Don’t try to predict me. You’ll just be wasting your time.” – Carman Moore, like America, a crossover/ Because of America, a crossover.

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Laura T. Johnson 901-290-3530    89 E Rollins Memphis, TN 38109        Laura T. Johnson is the author of Where Would I Be and the Unbalanced Series. Laura decided to write her first book to share her story of abuse at the hands of a boyfriend. She attended Ashford University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Laura is currently working on the second book in Unbalanced Series. Although her life has not turned out like she planned, she is extremely happy with God’s plan for her. Laura wrote her first book in hopes to help someone who’s going through or has gone through domestic violence. She continues her fight against domestic violence.    Author

Malaika H Kambon     5105347526    1714 Franklin Street #100-178 I am an Afrikan Woman photojournalist. Photojournalist

Barbara Archer 4048381594 103 Dunbar Drive For most of us, we live a life of Insanity but we are not aware that our lives has spun out of control. What is the definition of Insanity? Doing the same thing over expecting a different result that was my story, but I know I am not by myself. If you find yourself here take heart you are in good company. For years I wondered why my life was so crazy deep down I desired a better way of life, but had no idea how to obtain it. Does that sound familiar to you? Even after I gave my heart to the Lord, I thought now I will have a different life the only problem with that thinking is I never released everything into God’s capable hands. Allow me to take you on a journey of my life and how God stepped in after thirty-two years and gave me an expiration date of my Insanity. Author

Karen Ford     773-509-5058    P.O. Box 865 Chicago, IL 60690 Karen Ford is the author of Thoughts of a Fried Chicken Watermelon Woman, a collection of essays on race, gender, religion, politics and every day issues. Her weekly blog, “Caviar & Grits”, covers many of the issues referenced in the book. She is the former 3rd Vice President of the National Writers Union, UAW 1981, the only trade union for freelance writers which is comprised of over 1400 freelance writers worldwide in every genre. Ford is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Diabetic Association, the Association for Women Journalists and PEN International. As a freelance journalist for over 20 years, Ford has written for a number of local, national and international publications including the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent magazine, the Citizen Newspapers, Screen Magazine and Peoples World. Her corporate clients include the University of Illinois, the Chicago Labor Education Project and the Illinois Business Development Authority. Writer & freelance journalist.

ROSETTA 615 321 3268    Tennessee Tribune Bldg. 1501 Jefferson Street Nashville, Tn 37208 Author of African American Women Publishers (Newspapers). Author

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Black Literary Players NEWSLETTER Vol. 8 Issue # 8 August, 2013

 Vol. 8 Issue # 8
Black Literary Players ISSN: 1066-9396  
August, 2013

Grace Adams, Editor

PRESIDENT Barack OBAMA and First Lady Michelle Obama endorsed Obama Talks Back: Global Lessons – A Dialogue with America’s Young Leaders.” by author, Gregory J. Reed, Esq. Obama Talks Back, is also a 2013 44TH Annual NAACP Image Awards Winner for Literature – Youth/Teens.

A Father’s and A President’s Love… I love you back. I think I love President Barack Obama even more today than when he first ran for and became President of the United States, in 2008. I downloaded the free kindle sample download when it was available from the publisher for attorney Gregory J. Reed’s new book, Obama Talks Back. I was touched when I read the first chapter and teary eyed, I ordered the ebook. I was telling my sister Margaret about the book so she downloaded the sample download while we spoke. We started to read the first chapter together. My sister read aloud, and as I read along we both began to weep, overwhelmed by the President’s love for his daughters, his country, and us. Obama Talks Back is a valuable collection of school students’ letters to their President accompanied by President Obama’s response to each and includes his speeches, public statements, and quotations during his campaign, tenure as President-Elect, and his presidency. It is the most comprehensive collection of letters and responses ever assembled as a book in the history of our nation for a sitting president. This collection of letters featuring the voices of today’s young leaders and their mission to be heard is a rarity revealing they have a concern for peace, healthcare, freedom, education, poverty, religious tolerance, love, materialism, and equality in America.

“Uplifting, Obama Talks Back is a spiritual treasure-chest that everyone should read. You’ll sleep better knowing the man. Kudos for author, Gregory J. Reed, and publisher Amber Books for Obama Talks Back.” Grace Adams, Editor of the annual publication, Black Authors & Published Writers Directory at

About the Author

Gregory J. Reed is prominent entertainment attorney active in areas of sports, corporate, entertainment, and taxation laws. He is the first African American lawyer to Chair a Sports and Entertainment Lawyers Section in the United States. He is a producer and represents sports figures, entertainers, firms, and numerous persons from TV to Broadway, including Anita Baker, Wynston Marsalis, The Winans, and First Black Miss USA, Carole Gist and many other artists. He has represented and negotiated contracts for athletes in every U.S. sport except hockey. He was one of the youngest agents in the U.S. as a law student representing ten athletes, and the first African American to receive a Master of Taxation Laws in Michigan. B.S., Michigan State University (Engineering); M.S., Michigan State University (Management Science); J.D., Wayne State University; L.L.M., Wayne State University (Master Of Taxation Law).

Reed’s experiences are diverse as he is the only attorney to represent six (6) world champion boxers: Thomas Hearns, Hilmer Kenty, Leon Spinks, Pipino Cuvas, and Tony Tucker. He was instrumental in negotiating one of the largest contracts in boxing history in excess of 30 million dollars involving Thomas Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard. He negotiated the unification of all boxing titles involving Mike Tyson and Tony Tucker. He was the chief lead counsel involving the first historical multi-million dollar lawsuit case, Miss Carole Gist (first black Miss USA 1990) v. Miss Universe, Inc., Pageant, settled (Jan. 1992). He was Legal counsel for Nelson Mandela’s tour committee of Michigan. He represented Civil Rights Legend, Ms. Rosa Parks’ versue rappers OutKast/BMI Records.

Mr. Reed serves as a consultant and an expert witness for various attorneys, promoters, and businesses. He is the founder of the Hip Hop/Entertainment Clinic and cofounder of BESLA, an international sports and entertainment organization. His contract areas include The Statue of Liberty restoration projects; radio announcers; movie contracts; TV project syndication. He served as the chairperson of the Arts, Entertainment, and Sport Section of the State Bar of Michigan. He is vice chairperson and intellectual property member of the Michigan State University Foundation, an advisory board member of the Internal Revenue Service, an advisory board member of the BUF of Michigan, a co-founder of the Parks Legacy and Rosa Parks Library Museum, and a founder of the Keeper of the Word Foundation. He is a frequent lecturer and has won many awards for his writing and sports and entertainment contributions. He is a recipient of the John Hensel Award for significant contributions to the arts.

Reed has produced such plays as the Pulitzer Prize winning production, A Soldier’s Play, which was developed into a screenplay by Columbia Pictures as A Soldier’s Story, awarded an Oscar. He has produced and represented the following Broadway plays: “Ain’t Misbehavin”; “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf”; “What The Wine Sellers Buy”; “The Wiz”; “Your Arms Too Short To Box With God”; and Rosa Parks “More Than a Bus Story,” co-authored with Von Washington. Reed also staged the largest tour entertainment tribute in the U.S. in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with Emmy winner Al Eaton in We Are The Dream. He produced a documentary of the Last Poets, originators of Rap music, whom he reunited for a national tour.

In October 1992, Reed purchased the original manuscript on the Autobiography of Malcolm X which included the handwritten notations of both Alex Haley and Malcolm X. He established an exhibition and several media related projects based on the notations. Reed is the founder of the Word Foundation. He is also founder of the Gregory J. Reed Scholarship Foundation that aids students in the field of arts, engineering and law.

His accomplishments have been cited by the Detroit News as one of the top lawyers in the legal profession, and he is listed in “Who’s Who in Entertainment, Who’s Who Among Black Americans, Who’s Who Among American Law, and Who’s Who in Finance.” In October 1992, he was inducted into the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association Hall of Fame.

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The Certificate of Authenticity enclosed with the Trophy says – “We congratulate you on your award. This award recognizes that this achievement is the product of hard work, and a continuous desire for excellence”.

Our personalized has arrived, July 6, 2013 at http://www.amberbooks.

The NAACP Image Award says. 44th NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Literary Work –
Youth/Teens – “Obama Talks Back: Global Lessons – A Dialogue With
America’s Young Leaders” (Amber Books) Gregory Reed (Author)
Tony Rose, Publisher – February 1, 2013

The Certificate of Authenticity on the Trophy says – “We congratulate you on your award. This award recognizes that this achievement is the product of hard work, and a continuous desire for excellence”.
And Yvonne Rose, who along with, our author, Gregory J. Reed, made it all possible, shares a very proud moment with our NAACP Image Award, July 6, 2013

 National – February 1, 2013 – Amber Books, the award winning imprint of Phoenix, AZ based, Amber Communications Group, Inc., was announced as an NAACP Image Award winner for “Outstanding Literary Work – Youth/Teens” – for it’s title, “Obama Talks Back: Global Lessons – A Dialogue With America’s Young Leaders” by Gregory J. Reed, Esq. (Amber Books), and has earned an NAACP Image Award for Literature at the 2013 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards Show, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, February 1, 2013.

Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO, Amber Communications Group, Inc., stated in his acceptance speech, “On behalf of Amber Books, Gregory J. Reed, Esq., and the Keeper of the Word Foundation, we are extremely excited to have been honored with an NAACP Image Award for Literature.”, Rose added, “I want to thank God, with whom all things are possible and Gregory J. Reed, Esq., who brought “Obama Talks Back: Global Lessons – A Dialogue With America’s Young Leaders”, an outstanding and historic collection of student letters to President Barack Obama, and his responses to those students from all across America, along with the President’s speeches, public statements, and quotations during his campaigns and tenure as President of the United States of America, to Amber Books.

Rose stated, “We thank the NAACP Image Awards, The 2013 44th Annual Image Awards Sub-Committee Members, The NAACP Voting Members, our NAACP Image Awards Literary Coordinator, Annette Thomas, for her diligence and hard work on behalf of our African American Literary Community, and I thank my wife, Yvonne Rose, The Associate Publisher of Amber Communications Group, Inc., for her and her editorial and design team’s tireless work, and technical and creative skills, in making a great book even greater”.

Rose further added, “Thank you to everyone who made this outstanding NAACP Image Award in Literature possible!!! Thank you”.

Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO
Amber Communications Group, Inc.
1334 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 5-D67, Phoenix, AZ 85048


NewMusicBox » Carman Moore: Curiosity Is the Strongest Engine

NewMusicBox » Carman Moore: Curiosity Is the Strongest Engine.

NewMusicBox » Carman Moore: Curiosity Is the Strongest Engine

NewMusicBox » Carman Moore: Curiosity Is the Strongest Engine.

NewMusicBox » Carman Moore: Curiosity Is the Strongest Engine

NewMusicBox » Carman Moore: Curiosity Is the Strongest Engine.

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